How we work

Our strategy is simple. We acquire and manage land (forest) that needs protection. Either by purchasing it or through donations.

This land is put into a conservation easement (servidumbre ecológico) which allows us to create very strict conditions (perpetually) on the type of development that is allowed to take place on this land.

Our first project is a 247 acre (100 hectare) forest which we plan to develop into a private nature retreat like no other . One hundred homes on average 2 acre (8.200 m2) properties landscaped in the forest. Only 3% of total property is used for home construction. All construction will have to be LEED certified and meet Passive House standards. The development itself will meet LEED Neighborhood Development standards.

Equally binding will be the condition to only use energy from renewable sources. Therefore, solar and small hydro power will provide energy for this off-grid community.

All land bordering streams, waterfalls, rivers, waterholes will be part of a common area, accessible to all members of the community and managed for the common good. Of course, within the rules set by the conservation easement.

The proceeds will be used to buy more land that needs protection.